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Who we are?

Hempicca had been founded in the year 2009. It is both, the name and the idea behind the company. Hempicca mean “Selection” in Telugu Language. It was started out of 2 reasons. One being, love towards helping the different industries around. Second being, helping these companies in getting better and better, economically and professionally.

We are focussed on providing mere professional services to the clients globally to the benefit of the clients.

Look in to our values..

We move with a driving ambition to be the very best in whatever we take up. We go with the quote “Work hard, play harder”. And very this made us to excel in whatever we do for our clients

Hempicca holds the following values and beliefs at it’s core:
• Service: We strive to anticipate and meet every need of our clients. Anytime, We make sure to deliver very best to each client.
• Integrity: We communicate very openly and honestly. We conduct ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
• Respect: We treat each client with the highest professionalism and dignity.
• Innovation: Innovation is the very DNA of Hempicca. We embrace change and work real hard to improve all we do in a fiscally responsible manner.
• Teamwork: We build on the collective strength of everyone working with open communication and mutual respect.

Our Mission

our mission is to create superior value to our clients situated locally, nationally or globally. By providing them the best in strategic, integrated and implemented, we will help them achieve the results they seek.

The main objectives which guide the operation of our business:
• Providing our expertise services to the benefit of our clients.
• To provide a return on investment.
• To ensure profitable and sustainable long-term growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Leader in the provision of professional services to the clients to build their brand while engaging their audience.

Our Philosophy

Integrity and Strategic Innovation