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The thing which keeps us going is the difference we make in a client’s side by our value addition services, changing their lives for better. Hempicca would be the perfect stop for any of the below value added services.
1. Training
2. Support
3. Consulting
4. Outsourcing


Training is an intrinsic part of a company. But it’s sad that we could find it missing in today’s market place, mostly. Most of the organizations don’t take the pleasure of hiring trainer’s but what they don’t realise is ‘A company' without any training to their employee’s is like giving them a option of either 'sink or swim' which benefits no one.

Having a trainer who can take care of the training part completely either Induction (or) on-going training imparting quality, professional and result oriented proves to be an instrumental in company’s growth.


If you are a corporate (or) mid-sized (or) a start-up firm interested in having trainer at the expense of low cost and increasing annual revenues, here we are. Having Hempicca on your side proves to be a deciding factor in increasing Revenue’s.


When it comes to filling a client’s job requisition just filling doesn’t fulfil the exact needs. But with Hempicca on your side as a consulting partner, we not only just fill the position but add value to it by submitting the right candidate which would have a positive impact on company’s production and revenues.

Increased added value from Hempicca would be for every fort-night we provide off-the-job training on soft skills for the candidate’s hired from our side. This is a real added value from Hempicca because we care, you and Your business.


Every business wish to grow and grow by increasing their annual revenue’s and in today’s market that wish can be made a reality by the powerful word “OUTSOURCING”. It’s the buzzword in today’s market place. Even top players are preferring outsourcing to all other options available. Because Outsourcing has got a beautiful option where you can lower your cost’s and in parallel increase the revenue’s by quality production and quick deliveries thus resulting in overall increase in the annual revenue’s.

If you are a client wondering on whom to outsource your needs and increase your annual revenues, Hempicca is the brand to trust and rely. Along with our expertise and experience, we carry passion on our sleeves. You can outsource you needs to us either partially or completely resulting in a very positive effect on your annual revenues. We bet ROI and value on every dollar you spend on Hempicca because we specialise in handling “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” projects.